Weincasino Portugal

Weincasino Portugal



The ultimate experience of entertainment!



What is the Wine Casino?


• A new experience of entertainment where the world of wines is matched with the Casino atmosphere.

•The activity begins with different wine tastings hosted by selected wine experts that will challenge your guests to bet on the different flavours and aromas of Portuguese wines. Each table offers a different challenge where people collect gambling chips for the last round - guests will be part of a special auction where the best players in town will struggle for some irresistible gifts!

What does it bring to my event?
• Entertainment and glamour
• Knowledge about the Portuguese wine culture and life style
• A relaxed and festive atmosphere where people get to know each other easily


For how many people?
• Groups from 30 to 1000 people


• Any event, incentive, activity, company meeting,
cocktail, anywhere in Portugal



Even if you didn’t have the best bets, you still havea chance to win, and this timeit’s for real!! Take the chips you have left and participate in an auction of some special gifts we selected for you – winetastings, overnights, winebottles, and much more!




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