Where wine tastes best

Where wine tastes best

The most emblematic wine producers and wine cellars of Portugal.



Caves Calém


A place with almost 200 years of wine traditions invites you to taste one of the best Port Wines produced next to D. Luís bridge in Vila Nova de Gaia.

With an extraordinary view over the Douro River, let yourself be guided through remarkable wine production, and take the chance to experience the most typical and nostalgic Portuguese concert of Fado music, played every evening in Calém Winery.


See more: http://www.calem.pt/


José Maria da Fonseca - JMF


This charismatic Winery has histories to tell - learn about it in the museum situated in the romantic village of Azeitão on the other side of the Tagus' river banks. Its famous brand Piriquita has been the first of table wine to be bottled and promoted in Portugal.

Today the Winery has properties and productions all around the country and its visitor can taste them by Wine card and enoround dispenser by the prestigious Enomatic company, that allows consumers to taste wine according to their individual.

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Visconde dos Chanceleiros


This 18th Century manor house is surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the countryside.

It offers classic ambience, modern comforts and friendly hospitality to the most demanding visitor.

Experience the serenity of Douro Valleys in these genuine and delightful places of Visconde dos Chanceleiros.

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Companhia Wine Academy


Wine Academy is an educational project which takes a special interest on the wine production and its outstanding relevance.

Get to know the activities and workshops on this distinctive area, experiencing wonderful moments of joy beside other winelovers.


See more: http://www.wineacademyportugal.com/


Quinta Nova


Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo is located in valleys that gave birth to one of the best  wine varietals in the world.

The authenticity is related to its untouched valleys, to the aromas and, of course, rural knowledge of centenary generations.


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Quinta do Vallado


In the heart of Douro region, Quinta do Vallado holds singular wine quality offers.

Its Touriga Nacional Douro 2008 wine has been recently awarded with the 7º place in the "100 Best Wines of the World List" in Wine Spectator Magazine.

Experience nothing but the best of wine production placed in one of the most fascinating landscapes of Portugal.

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