Wineland Specials

Wineland Specials



Portugal has everything you need plus a bunch of things to surprise you. This land offers natural and cultural wonders that are a window into this once great seafaring nation.  And also the options for encountering incredible food and wine experiences are both various and plentiful. DOC DMC combined all the excellent things Portugal has to offer to unforgettable experiences.Join us on a hiking-tour through Douro, take part at cooking-workshops, bike along the coast line and make cruise on Douro River.  

Be seduced by our Winelands Specials...




8 days / 7 nights

Panoramic Landscapes

from1900,00 €

per person | minimum 10 people

Take a walk to the most magic

Iberian gardens!

- North of Portugal + Galicia

- 7 nights with breakfast

- visits and tastings




8 days/ 7 nights

Gourmet Tour

from1095,00 €

per person | minimum 2 people

Discover the origins of the best

portuguese traditional goods!

 - 7 nights with breakfast included

- complete itinerary

- selected meals




Coming soon!

3 days / 2 nights

from 250,00 €

per person | minimum 6 people

Take part in this adventure and discover Portugal in a motorcycle!

 - 2 nights in double room BB

- selected itinerary

- 2 special meals




5 days of pure nature!

350,00 €

per person |  2 Persons

Learn more about Douro valley and its inhabitants while hiking through the Douro region

- 3 nights in a double room incl. breakfast

- Excursions incl. lunch




Guided biking tours

from 322,00 €

per person | min. 4 persons

Memorable experiences!

- The wonders of Sintra

- Scenic tour in Azeitão & Arrábida

- The vast expanses of Alentejo




Boat-Trip in Oporto

33,00 €

per person | min 2 Persons

Groups: 6 - 20 people

Embark on a journey to the tides Lusitanian who gave life to the trade of Port! 

- 1 hour boat trip

- visit of Portwine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia and Fado concert




2 hours program and more

35,00 €

per person | min 2 people

Leave the everyday routine during that enogastronomical cruise behind! 

Inclusive: 2 hour cruise trip around the typical villages of Pinhão and Tua in a deluxe boat


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