Enoline Elite 8

Enoline Elite 8

Professional equipment for the wine tasting by the glass. Line

new generation with high technological content that ensures a higher level of service and increased interaction as well as a high-end design with the possibility to choose between different Colors and finishes.

Main features:

  • Winecard
  • Environmental control
  • Control loss of nitrogen
  • Several colors and finishes
  • Sophisticated design

Additional product information

Indicated for Ideal for small establishments
Number of bottles 8 bottles with temperature control, for white wine or red wine
Cooling system Simples
Cooling (Cº mín. / Cº máx) min 7º max 18
Gas usage Argon or Biogon N

Material: Ino

Opening: Horizontal glass door with lock and tempered glass.

Technical information

Wine card recognition: : Chip card and RFID MIFARE system (compatible to MAD system, enables sharing of cards). Possible to install bar code system or fingerprint system (upon request).

Interface: Protocol LAN Network, TCP/IP

Display: each position has an interactive touch screen display to manage the distributor’s functionalities. Another central display with graphic LCD shows general information.

Lighting: Intelligent LED double system, shows the state of operation of the machine. Shows different intensity of light based on the activity.

Bottle moving system: Pneumatic pistons operated with compressor or nitrogen cylinder.

Bottle moving system: Uses electronic pistons in order to save space

Cooling system: Uses a modern refrigeration system with peltier cells (w/out gas)

Position of refrigerator: Left or right side

Environmental control: Performs control of external environmental conditions such as temperature pressure and humidity. Automatic regulation of the distributor to ensure greater precision on the doses and greater functionality of refrigeration.

Control loss of nitrogen: System controls gas levels and warns eventual losses on the display.

Positioning and installation

Drainage: Not necessary.

Positioning and installation:Can be flanked on both sides. Leave 10 cm of space by the rear wall and 25 cm high. Need furniture or table for support.

Measurements(Length x height x width): 972 x 670 x 303 mm

Weight: 65 kg

Electrical requirements: 220 V.

Power: - W.

Specific Aspects

Colors: black, cream, gray, brown, white
Customization / other colors available
Customized finishing available

Software: optional - Enosoft Basic 0.2 + Card Generator

Software: optional - Enosoft 0.2 Professional 1st client included


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