Portugal is a treasure chest in the western corner of Europe.

Many people who travel to Portugal fall in love with this small country so diverse and so rich in history and culture, wines and gastronomy.

Its beaches, the variety of its landscapes and, above all, the friendly, open and sincere Portuguese people make Portugal a destination of choice that, after the first experience, leaves you longing and willing to return and discover more.

In recent years Portugal has been awarded by the World Travel Awards, the Oscars of Tourism as the Best Destination in Europe and in the World and this opinion is shared by many guides, travel writers, bloggers and the media from all over the world.

There are at least 7 reasons to visit Portugal and harmonize each of its continent regions and islands with wines and local cuisine!
Portuguese gastronomy is very much appreciated and Portugal has been standing out more and more as a destination for wines and gastronomy. A very enriching discovery, because, like its beautiful landscapes, Portuguese gastronomy stands out for its great diversity.

The location and the Atlantic proximity justify the prominence given to fish and seafood, to which is added a huge variety of quality table wines. In the interior areas of the country, DOP cheeses and sausages and the production of high quality meat stand out. The Mediterranean Diet, classified as Unesco heritage, is also part of the DNA of Portuguese gastronomy with the use of olive oil, vegetables and aromatic herbs.
Port wine has been a great ambassador of Portugal for centuries, today accompanied by other genuinely Portuguese products, such as our pastel de nata and conventual sweets.

Discover Portugal:

1 – Lisbon and Porto are two very attractive cities just a few hours’ flight from the most important European cities. Both bathed by a river that gives them a characteristic and different environment, they are welcoming and contrasting cities, with their historic neighborhoods and streets with tile facades, to visit during the day or go out at night

2- Sun and Beach – Portugal is also a recognized destination for sun and sea holidays and walks on the beach throughout the year. The Portuguese coast is almost a unique beach with more than 850km that allows you to choose between the rough and fresh sea of ​​the north and the warm and calm waters of the south. Among the great diversity of beaches, more than 300 have excellent conditions and are awarded as Blue Flag beaches and about 200 are Accessible Beaches.

3 – Walks, on foot and by bicycle – The Parks and Natural Reserves, Geoparks and Biosphere Reserves recognized by UNESCO make Portugal a great destination for outdoor activities, such as bird watching, or other more radical ones like canyoning. In recent years, nature trails, on foot or by bicycle, have been a good option for those who like to combine physical exercise and contact with the local culture.

4 -Caminhos of the Faith – Mas paths that run is also an encounter with spirituality. The Portuguese Way of Santiago and the Caminhos de Fátima are increasingly sought after by those who like to walk with a purpose of knowledge, nature and culture. Portugal is also recognized as an important center for Marian worship.

5 – Surf – Be it on the continent that in its archipelagos of Madeira and Azores Portugal has ideal conditions for surfing. Surfers of all types find on the Portuguese coast the largest number of spots the shortest distance between them, where competitions of the most important championships in the world are disputed. There are perfect tubular waves, in Peniche, giant waves, in Nazaré, and the longest in Europe, in Figueira da Foz. Ericeira, only 40 minutes away from Lisbon, was Europe’s 1st Surf Reserve and the 2nd worldwide.

6 -Golf – Also as a destination for Golf Portugal has given cards in recent years: It was awarded as Best Golf Destination in Europe and the World, at the World Golf Awards. Particularly in the Algarve and the Lisbon region, there are many courses awarded several times, where you can watch the great events of the professional circuits of the sport. Many golf courses are designed by renowned architects such as Robert Trent Jones, Rocky Roquemore, Sir Henry Cotton, Arnold Palmer, among others. However, what best defines them is their indisputable quality and scenic beauty, which are often implanted in preserved areas and with the sea as a backdrop.

7 – World Heritage – One of the oldest nations in the world Portugal has 25 World Heritage classifications. In them is portrayed the history of the country, its people and the peoples that have inhabited the country since time immemorial. Monasteries and convents of historical and artistic importance, monuments worthy of relief, historic centers, cultural landscapes, which offer some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in Portugal, were considered by UNESCO to be part of the Heritage of all Humanity.The list is completed with icons that define the way of being and being of a people in their moments of celebration such as Fado, Cante Alentejano and the Mediterranean Diet. And also arts and crafts that integrate the Intangible Cultural Heritage, such as the Manufacture of Chocalhos, the Art of Royal Falconry or the manufacture of Clay Dolls of Estremoz. These Portuguese contributions to world history are also a good excuse to get to know the country from north to south.


Source : Winetourism Portugal – Turismo de Portugal , Janeiro 2020